Shag Rug Cleaning in Westchester, NY

Shag rugs are deep-pile decorative rugs that have a long pile that provide lots of softness and cushioning. A shag rug adds amazing beauty and distinctive color to a room. The shaggy appearance brings out the beauty of a setting.

Most rugs are made by using fabric to form various loops and trimming the excess. The untrimmed portions of shag rugs is an intentional process to ensure the rug is plush, soft, and has a feathery look. Cotton, wool, linen, nylon, and several natural fabrics are used in the production of shag rugs.
Both wall-to-wall carpet and small shag throw rugs add an astonishing charm that is comfortable and vibrant in a kid’s room, dining room, recreational room, or bedroom.

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Shag Rug Care

Shag rugs offer a soft, thick, surface for your feet. Cleaning a shag rug can be a challenging task. The upkeep demands expertise and attention. The top layer of a shag rug is easy to clean. However, dirt and traffic patterns become ingrained in the fibers which make reaching them in the standard way impossible.
Fibrils cling to dirt. They are worked down into the pile as people step and walk on them. Organic glues are used on shag rugs. Harsh cleaning agents will destroy the glue. A professional rug cleaning service can be a great help.

Experts have extensive experience in cleaning shag rugs. They have the best equipment, resources, and tools. The methods used will provide a fresh rug that is clean and spotless.

Modern and Effective Cleaning Methods for Shag Rugs

•Hot Water Cleaning – Advanced machines spray warm water on the shag rug surface. The process may include cleaning solutions. The water being sprayed is continuously vacuumed to remove any debris and dirt from the rug.

This procedure is often the most useful method for clean shag rugs. Hot water is a source that efficiently ensures maximum cleaning. Using concentrated or dilute cleaning agents with this approach works equally as well. The approach avoids issues associated with other methods that leave detergent residue in the rug.

•Dry Cleaning – Gentle cleaning solutions and low-moisture machines are used in this method. It offers quick results. Dry cleaning is a practical approach to removing stains and soils from shag rugs. A heavily stained shag rug may have to be pre-treated.

•Steam Cleaning – Advanced steam cleaning and gentle detergents can also be used to clean shag rugs. It is a method that avoids damage to the rug while making it stain and spot free. A carbonated cleaning agent may be used to dry clean shag rugs.

•Drying – Shag rugs absorb excessive amounts of water and remain wet longer than other types of rugs. The drying process may take several hours. They can also be laid flat and dried in the sun.

Home Care of Shag Rugs

It is important to vacuum shag rugs carefully. Brushes cycled over fiber can cause ripping. Self-clean the rugs weekly, and let professionals clean the rugs once a year. Frequent vacuuming and an annual professional restorative rug cleaning will keep the shag rug in fantastic condition.