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Oriental Rug Cleaning in Westchester NY

Oriental rugs are often the jewel of your home. They are quite expensive and typically antique. Because of this it is important to give them regular cleaning. Not only will this keep them looking nice but it will also keep them in good shape. Some people choose to do the cleaning themselves, and this is usually a mistake. This is because Oriental rugs are quite delicate and therefore should only be handled by professionals. Getting a professional cleaning with our company is typically a four step process. Our professional cleaners will ensure that your rug has a long life so its beauty can be shared with future generations to come.

The Four Step Process

Our professional staff knows the importance of careful cleaning of Oriental rugs. We are experts in our field and the information provided on our website will put your mind at ease. Feel free to take a look and see the services we offer and the results we have produced with our other customers. We want our customers to know exactly what they can expect and this is what you will find out below.

Step #1: Detail inspection.

The first step prior to the hand wash is to meticulously inspect the rug, we determine the type of rug, Origin, and fiber of make: Silk, Wool, Cotton, maybe mix of any of the two. We than look for any color bleed, color fast, stains, urine-stains, any thing that that harms the quality and originality of that specific rug. We will check the foundation of the rug, any worn areas or halls. After completing that we determine what is the best way to go about caring for your rug. Each Oriental & Area rug is solely individual case.

Step #2: Dusting and Pre-wash

The next is a submersion in a special cleaning liquid. The solution used is just for Oriental rugs so you know that it will not cause any damage. The rug will be left in the solution to soak for a period of time specified by our professionals. This step will help to remove any dirt, and soil and particles from the rugs delicate fiber.

oriental rug

Step #3: Special hand care wash

Once the rug is removed from the soaking tub solution it will be rinsed thoroughly. Any leftover moisture will be extracted and wrung out from your rug. We rinse the rug with water leaving no residue. Our trained staff will start a detail hand wash using only natural Organic soaps designed for Oriental and Area rugs. Each rug has his own needs, and we know how to match the right solution to it, we only use mild P.H. balance soaps.

Step #4: Drying process

Once the cleaning process is finished the rug know is being lifted to our special control temperature environmental room, rugs most dry properly with out blowing too much heat on them to ensure the fiber stay soft and plush. When the rug is completely dried, we than groom it and vacuum it again, we wash the fringes again, and wrap it in plastic ready to be delivered to you like new!

Final inspection

once the cleaning steps are done, we take a close look at the rug, if their is any need to repeat any wash to provide the best results, we will do so with out hesitation!

Applying Anti-stain protection.

when the cleaning process is complete once the rug has dried we than apply Scotch guard to the rug giving it another thick layer of protection against though stains. This process you might want to consider calling our Techs and having us apply it to your rug every 4-6 months.

Moth proofing.

Many rugs can be easily damaged to the extent of final lost that from that point its hard and even impossible to restore. We apply a special moth proofing spray to prevent further damaged. When you notice any kind of larvae of moth do not hesitate and call us so we can take care of it right away. for moth damage we use a special wash call Lime-wash, we used a special soaking to kill all moth eggs.


in order to kill urine pet odor smell or get rid of bacteria, we soak the rug in a special bath using advances enzymes to neutralize those issues and bring back the rug to his original state. The above steps are what you should expect from our superior Oriental rug cleaners. Keep in mind that a true specialist will likely have accreditation recognized by their industry as offering professional grade Oriental rug cleaning services and this is something that applies to us!

Repairs by hand: our trained staff is expert in the following:

  • stain removal
  • color restoration
  • over casting for fringes
  • persian bindings by hand
  • original re-weaving and patching.
  • blocking and stretching

and much more!

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