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Needlepoint rugs are delicate, attractive, and brighten any room. Cleaning them, however, is a different story. The high pile of needlepoint rugs makes them difficult to clean. Acrylic, wool, silk, and other fibers are used to make the rugs.

The uncertainty of the content poses a problem also. Each fiber is treated differently.

Stains on needlepoint rugs look messy and spoil the image in the room. The first instinct if someone spills paint or coffee on a needlepoint rug is to clean it with a wet cloth.

A wet cloth will not clean the rug. It could increase the area of the stains. These issues are reasons to let professional rug cleaners clean your needlepoint rugs. Enlisting the help of professional rug cleaners can make your rugs appear good as new.

The Process of Cleaning Needlepoint Rugs

A cleaning service will follow these steps:

Inspect the rug – The rug is first thoroughly inspected for damaged spots and stains. Any stains requiring special cleaning processes are noted and dealt with accordingly.
Vacuum the rug – Both sides of a needlepoint rug are cleaned with special equipment to remove all the debris and dust. The process can take a few minutes or a few hours. The process continues until the rug is dust-free.
Conduct a dye run test – To determine if dye will transfer during the washing process; a dye run test is performed. The washing process many be adjusted based on the results of the dye run test.
Wash the rug – The appropriate washing method is used to clean the rug. The rug will soak for a while. The soaking time depends on the nature of the stains. Smoke damage or vomit and urine stains may take several hours of soaking.
Rinse the rug – The rug is rinsed so that it will be free of moisture after it dries.
Dry the rug – The rug is placed on a movable bean. Air circulating fans and heat are used to dry it.
Groom the rug – The last step in the cleaning process involves brushing the rug by hand to finish the grooming process.

Beyond Cleaning

Professional rug cleaners tackle needlepoint rugs with extreme care and delicacy. They know the type of cleaning method best suited your rug. If your needlepoint rug suffered from stains caused by food or spilled tea or soda, choose a professional, reliable rug cleaning surface to clean your rugs.

Most needlepoint rugs were embroidered in China. The manner used to stitch them creates a trapezoid shaped rug that needs to be squared. The rug must be sized and blocked to be functional. The natural fiber yarn used in needlepoint must be washed when soil and stains occur. Experts block and size needlepoint rugs as part of the process.

In-Home Care

Cleaning should be left to experts, but there are some preventative measures owners need to take. Use dry towels to absorb moisture if a spill occurs. Allow the rug to dry completely. Extend the life of the rug by vacuuming regularly to lift dust and dirt from the rug.

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