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A flat tapestry rug made in Balkans or Pakistan is called a Kilim rug. It features beautiful colors and design. Kilim rugs are often decorative elements in a home. The timeless colors, motifs, and designs of Kilim rugs give them a universal appeal that transcends educational and cultural barriers.

They differ from the other rugs in the way wefts and warps are woven together to form a design. Skilled weavers hand weave the rugs using either pure wool or a combination of wool and cotton or angora goat hair. The methods they use have been tried and tested over generations.

The process is called flat weaving. In Kilim rugs, color strands are knotted with warps and secured in place with wefts. The beautiful appearance of a Kilim rug can only be maintained if treated by a professional rug cleaning service experienced in Kilim rug care.

Kilim Rug Construction

The wefts and warps are woven together in such a way that produces a flat surface. There is no pile. A tapestry design is accomplished by horizontal wefts covering vertical warps. Colored yarn that reaches its end is wound back to the border line which gives it a vertical line appearance.

A slit beneath two different color areas is formed.

The majority of Kilim rugs belong to the upper class of slit woven textiles. Warp strands extend to the end of the rug to form the fringe. The fringe is tied to prevent the weave from becoming loose.

Waft strands are typically made of wool. They are the strands that give a rugs its color and form the design. Most of the time, waft strands are made of cotton.

The Cleaning Process

• The Kilim rug is inspected to determine the suitable method of cleaning. The soil is removed with a pile lifter and special vacuum until all the dust is eliminated.
• The rug and fringes are pre-treated with a particular solution so spots can be removed.
• Some Kilim rugs are washed, Others are dry cleaned. The inspection process determines the method that will cause no damage to the rug. Typically the rug is hand washed. If it cannot withstand water, dry cleaning is used.
• The rug is rinsed thoroughly to remove any residue left behind.
• Drying must be done properly to avoid shrinking. A special drying room is used that has low-humidity and high temperatures.
Professional rug cleaners can make a Kilim rug look new again.

Routine Cleaning

When vacuuming a Kilim rug, there are three things to keep in mind:

• Do not use high suction settings.
• Both sides of the rug are to be vacuumed
• Do not sweep the fringe. Repeated applications may tear off some of the fringe.

An immediate response is a key to preventing stains from accidental spills. Scoop up any solids with a spoon before blotting. Soak up as much of the spilled liquid with absorbent hand towels, sponges, toilet paper, or paper towels.

Blot toward the center to prevent spreading the stain. Blot the floor under the rug. Place a shallow container under the area that is stained. Dilute any remaining stain by passing clean water through it.

Repeat the blotting process. It may take several repetitions of the procedure to remove a stain.

If the first-aid efforts to avoid stains are unsuccessful, use a professional rug cleaning service without delay. Do no entrust the rug to general cleaning companies or dry cleaners. The chemical they use may damage the rug.

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