Karastan Rugs Cleaning in Westchester , NY

The supreme quality of Karastan rugs makes them one of the finest rugs on the market. The rugs are delicate and have an elegant appearance, but can last for several years. There are a few things required on the part of the owner to ensure their survival.
The rugs must be maintained and kept clean by professionals once in a while. When experts finish treating the rugs, they will appear good as new.

Materials of Karastan Rugs

A Karastan rug has both natural and synthetic fibers. The material used most often is worsted wool. Wool is relatively easy to clean. Nylon is another common material used. The rugs are fortunately dyed with techniques that make them a joy to clean.

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The Craftsmanship of Karastan Rugs

Karastan rugs are either woven or tufted. Woven rugs are more durable because the yarn is locked to the rug’s backing. Tufted rugs are not as durable and lower in price than woven rugs. The fiber in some rugs is twisted together. Twisting improves the appearance of the rugs. Tighter twists make a rug more durable.

The Karastan Rug Cleaning Process

A thorough examination of the rug is the first step. In that procedure, a suitable cleaning method is determined. Cleaning methods include:

•Absorbent cleaning pad
•Dry foam shampoo
•Rotary shampoo

Usually, the cleaning process is wet based, and a thorough rinse extraction is involved post cleaning. Hand washing is the most labor intensive. Rotary shampooing breaks down bonded oil soils and suspends them for extraction.
Rinse extraction is a low-pressure, high-volume rinse wash that is followed by suction removal. Ideally, all residue is removed. Karastan rugs are then transferred to the dry down phase in a controlled environment with circulating currents.

Protecting a Clean Karastan Rug

It is suggested to request a stain resistant treatment. In the procedure, an additional coating is applied to the fibers of the rug. The treatment makes the rugs easier to clean. Only Karastan rugs made of nylon require the treatment. Wool is resistant to soil and prevents dirt buildup.
No rug is stain proof. Rugs treated for stain resistance give the owner time to act. When in comes to stain and spot removal, speed is essential. Scoop solids and blot liquids as soon as possible. Use an absorbent material such as paper towels to absorb as much liquid as you can.
Replace the material as it becomes saturated. Do not use a scrubbing motion. Blotting prevents fizzing on the carpet surface.
These are suggestions to follow to maintain the delicate and elegant Karastan rugs after they are professionally cleaned:

1.Place a pad below the rug when it is put into place. It prevents the rug from sliding. Sliding causes wear the mars the appearance of the rug.
2.Rotate the rug on a regular basis. Traffic and sunlight can cause the color to fade and uneven wear.
3.Vacuum several times each week to remove dirt and dust. Excessive traffic may require daily vacuuming.
4.Hire a professional Karastan rug cleaner periodically.