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Often Chinese rugs are chosen by people who want the colorful, new home décor items. Chinese rugs are hard to find. They have delicate designs and a magnitude of color. Patterns of Chinese rugs are often clipped in relief to give them a three-dimensional appearance. Those lucky enough to have a Chinese rug should protect it from wine blotches and coffee stains.

Three Extremely Popular Types of Chinese Rugs

Fette Chinese Rugs – These rugs are a combination of European and Chinese design. They are somewhat dull in color. A Fette Chinese rug does not lack color, the colors are dull and make hiding stains difficult.
Nichols Rugs – The design of Nichols rugs is a result of the art deco period of the 1900s. They are made of colorful, bright wools. These rugs are valued today despite their ancient existence.
Peking Rugs – These rugs were also introduced in the 1900s. The traditional Chinese symbols incorporated in the design make the rugs quite attractive. A symmetrical pattern surrounds a large center design that is the focal point of the rug. Those fond of traditional Chinese rugs sees this type as a must have.

When to Clean a Chinese Rug

Rugs are used for different reasons. Some use rugs to protect their floors and keep them clean. Others use rugs solely for decorative purposes. The best way to make sure a Chinese rug is clean and dust-free is to turn the task of cleaning it over to professionals.

Traditional Chinese rugs are made of silk and wool. The type of fiber determines the cleaning method. Silk rugs must be taken to professional rug cleaners. Silk reacts poorly to water. Wool rugs can be cleaned at home, but take the condition of the rug pile into consideration. Older rugs having looser pile require a gentle touch.

Experts know how to handle each rug. It is recommended to have it cleaned professionally every year to keep a Chinese rug brightening a room

Choosing a Cleaning Method

Professional rug cleaners deal with all sorts of rugs. The first step in the cleaning process is an inspection of the rug to determine the nature of stains and the type of rug. The inspection includes looking for damage to the rug such as cigarette burns.

Based on the findings, a cleaning process is selected.

The general approach will vacuum, wash, rinse, and dry the rug. The washing process of Chinese rugs differs for each rug. Professionals choose the best method to ensure the rug’s quality does not suffer..

Regular Chinese Rug Maintenance

Extend the time between cleaning sessions by following these tips:

• Place a good quality pad under the rug. It reduces the wear on the pile and keeps the rug firmly in place.
• Have family and guests remove their shoes before stepping on a Chinese rug.
• Vacuum regularly on both sides of the rug to prevent dirt and dust buildup.

These maintenance tips make deep cleaning easier. Let professional cleaners do the deep cleaning. They will have your Chinese rug looking fabulous.

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